Smartboards are an advanced version of a whiteboard. Essentially the smartboard, is a board that is mounted on a wall
how it is used in a classroom!
how it is used in a classroom!
that has 'touchscreen' like capabilities. you
cannot draw on the smartboard like a whiteboard - it is not a whiteboard for markers. The whole set-up is a screen, a projector, speakers and a computer tower including a mouse, a keyboard, a remote and a smartboard 'pen'.

To use the smartboard, you would turn it on like any other computer - the board is an interactive screen. You can use the mouse to navigate or you can use the pen to 'touch' select screen options. When you turn the Smartboard on, you turn the tower on, the screen on - or the projector using the remote and the speakers have a seperate nob.

A type of software that can be used on the smartboard is called Notebook. You can import and create images and text.

Up to date schools will have a whiteboard in every classroom of the school.

Rules around a smartboard
Rules around a smartboard
Classroom use:

-Create teacher worksheets that students have copies of - teachers can interact with the board like students fill in answers on a page. Using the pen, you can draw on the board - you can even choose different types of colours, pen tips, textures etc.

-Students can interact with the worksheets on the board

-it can completely replace a whiteboard if you know how to work it - Remember that the whole system runs like a computer - it is just the software for interaction that allows you to use the smartboard pen like a whiteboard marker.

-you can show large coloured images - you can play videos and music - can can get right up close and point things out!