The Voice Live Touch is a live performance hardware created by Tc Helicon. The Piece of hardware is used as a Vocal processor and looping device for live performances.
The voice live touch uses Vocal harmony & effects, performance vocal looping of vocals and guitar input including effects,
  • Instant touch interface with bright, easy to read, scrolling display
  • Ingenious design allows mic attachment and desktop use for easy access.
  • Create Multi layers using looping.

external image voicelive-touch-top.jpg

The Voice live touch can be demonstrated in these videos below.
This is how the hardware can be used for performance.

The next video is how the Voice Live touch can be used in performance or Composition recordings using the added looping device. Which allows different layers to be added.

The Voice live touch could be incorporated into any performance or composition teaching activities. The Vocal effects that are available with the voice live touch would be very appealing towards students and understanding how they can be created through a piece of hardware..
The user friendly touch screen will ensure students find this hardware easy to use.