Sibelius is a notation software of professional standard.

Sibelius has so many uses for music educators.
SIbelius 6
SIbelius 6

For teachers
- It can be used to create professional worksheets for your students.
- The playback options are great. Create/transcribe a piece of music and students.
For students
Create their own compositions. From beginner to advanced.
The new magnetic layout function (in Sibelius 6) is terrific. Here is a short video about the magnetic layout function.

Unsure whether to purchase this software, you can try out all of it's functions in the trial versions found by clicking here.

Also, check out the Student version by clicking here. It shows the great features for education. is a fantastic blog by Daniel Spreadbury, who is Sibelius's Senior Product Manager. Provides hints and tips about how to make the most of Sibelius, and interesting stories about how Sibelius is being used in a variety of contexts for all sorts of exciting projects.

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