Live Sampling Innovative or Cheating?

There is much debate as to whether rock bands should sample pre recorded sounds when performing live.
Alternatively, Of course, they could hire another musician/group of musicians to play these parts live, either on stage or behind the stage/side of stage.
Cog, a highly revered, illustrious alternative rock band from Australia swear by live sampling and proudly admit that sampling is rife within their live performances. From extra guitars, bass, electronic drums and vocal harmonies, not many layers go unscathed. They argue that as a three piece, they need as much help as they can to fill out their live sound and sampling just seems a practical and innovative method.
Conversely, Birds of Tokyo, another highly revered, illustrious, not so alternative rock band from Australia argue that sampling is cheating and the sound punters hear live should be implicitly played live!
By Gene Clark

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