Guitar Pro is a Tablature program that allows musicians to view and playback notated music in the form of tab and standard notation. The difference between Guitar Pro and a standard tablature page that can be found on a website such as ultimate guitar, is that it allows the user to play back the tablature. In a way it is like listening to the actual song, only the play back is in midi, and allows the user to view the notation in real time.

The tablature of other instruments such as violin, piano, and so on and so forth allows for the music to be read as if it were played on a guitar.
[[image:webkit-fake-url///9F5EA6E4-E2E2-446E-BB7D-0476340AE11D/Guitar+Pro+IPA+1.0.3.jpg caption="Guitar+Pro+IPA+1.0.3.jpg"]]
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